The desire to understand the kitchen forces us to look at the landscape, and the first thing we have to ask ourselves is whether our landscape shapes our table. The food products that are extracted from the land and the sea have shaped Catalan cookery books for centuries.

MhiC presents this exhibition, produced by the Network of Ethnology Museums of Catalonia, incorporating the intercultural vision through which it looks at Catalan society and the wide range that makes up contemporary food: production, preparation, marketing.

MhiC also adds an exhibition area, called “A world of dishes”, produced by the 3rd year students of the Barres i Ones Institute. This educational project, taking the theme of food as its starting point, has developed various methods for examining the different culinary traditions and histories that come to live together in the classroom. In the exhibition you can see: a recipe book, the route of the spices, the wheel of the ingredients, a standing table.

Download the exhibition guide here (Catalan only): Guia d’exposició temporal, Paisatges a la taula

Start date19/02/2019
Closing date30/07/2019
Involvement of the MhicCol·labora
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